Monday, January 31, 2011

420 Characters...

That's the number of characters you are limited to as a status on Facebook. 420 little characters. Everyday, I try to post something meaningful to me as my status, a daily affirmation of sorts. A thought to keep me going through the day, a thought that might reach out to someone and help them get through their day.

The idea comes to me when it's late at night or early in the morning, when my brain is quiet. It just pops in there and I think, "There it is...the topic of the day." I sit at my computer, first thing in the morning and start to compose my status. I write what I think is witty, real and then I hit the "share" button...and there it is...that message..."Oops, your status can only be 420 characters and yours is 463." Darn it, what can I take out? How can I switch it around? It's perfect just the way it is...aggghhhh!

So, I edit...change some words, shorten some thoughts... OK, still sounds good...and then I share...whew...made it under 420 characters!

Friends comment, like or review what I say. They are encouraged, they are spurned to start a discussion. It's great to have something to say. I generally go back to ponder on how my status has played out during MY day...a "state of the status" reflection at the end of the evening...Did this really apply to me? Did this make my outlook on my day better? Did I think about this when making decisions? Generally, that little daily affirmation DOES direct the traffic of my busy day...just behind the scenes...subliminally reminding me that it's there.

I have people tell me that they look to see "What does Jude have to post today?" I am told to keep those positive postings coming...

So, starting this blog...a better way to allow the thoughts or feelings flow and limits to 420 characters...possibilities limitless...for us all...with love.