Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We all have it; the choice or chance to make decisions for ourselves. They can be as simple as what to have for breakfast or as complicated as you make it. It’s up to you. That’s the beauty of freewill.
There are those of us who walk around feeling pretty lucky. We have people to see and places to go. We work through our troubles and relish in our accomplishments. We realize that our life is full of choices and while we don’t always make the best ones, the fact that we get to choose at all is appreciated. We get down in the dumps, have crappy days at work, fight with our families, have money troubles, but in the end, we accept and figure out how to work it out. We enjoy the company of people we love; we can depend on ourselves and those around us as we need to. It’s not always easy, but we are grateful to simply wake up each morning and have a new present.
There are also those of us who walk around feeling pretty low. They are feeling like they have been dealt a bad hand in the game of life. They place the blame on those around them and don’t take responsibility for their actions. Blame is always better to give than receive. They can’t see the forest for the trees. They ruminate about little problems or people who have “wronged” them. They don’t see the bigger picture; they are too busy bitching about the little things or worrying about things they can’t control. After a while, they get avoided, the people that love them give up, let them wallow. Perhaps that’s really how they want their life to be. I find that hard to believe, but suppose it’s possible.
It’s not the easiest thing to try to turn your outlook of life around. There again, that would be a choice. You take the opportunities that are put in front of you, bad and good, and then decide how to handle them. I think that you will find that after a while ruminating and aggravation will become gratitude and peace of mind. It will become a habit to decide to make a choice and move on. Your life just might get a little easier, a bit more pleasant; a lot more potential and better things will come to you.
Freewill is a part of your growth process. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice, that’s a fact. Sitting by and letting life happen to you instead of being an active participant is not healthy. You can like the life you’re living or you can live the life you like. The choice is yours, are you making the right one? With love…

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rock And Roll…And The Radio…

I find music very therapeutic. It can lift your spirits, stir memories – both good and bad – mend fences, broken hearts or whatever else ails you. It can keep a good mood going, add life to a party or event, help you relax or wake your butt up. It can make you laugh, cry, dance, and sing at the top of your lungs or quietly, in your head, with a tiny grin or huge smile on your face. Come on, you know you do, sing that is, even if it’s in the shower. Everybody knows that’s where the best acoustics are, and of course you have your shampoo bottle that makes an excellent microphone!
I take the opportunity to listen to music as often as I possibly can. I make an effort to support local talent and go to live venues. There is nothing like listening to something new or familiar in a live setting. I really love driving in my car, windows down, radio on. I flip around between several different venues. I open my mind to new ideas in music. I have a few particular favorites, but have recently explored some types of music that I wouldn’t have thought I would enjoy. Have you listened to something new lately?
If I had to choose an order, I would say that the lyrics come first and foremost. In most cases, they tell a story or talk about a situation that is very personal or has personally affected the author. They can come from the heart, gut or a thought that passes through the brain. For some reason, it grabs at something to stir the pen to paper. Maybe the words are a concept or idea that hadn’t been thought of before. Whatever the reason, the words in songs are meant to be heard. There would be a lot of instances where the words can be made relatable to something in your own life. I am listening, are you?
The musicians, whoever they are, fascinate me. They have music in their heart and soul. They like to share. They get such pleasure from playing, writing and listening. It seems to come effortlessly and easy; comfortable. I’m certain that some have spent hours practicing to get it just right and others hear something and pick up their instrument and play. I’m happy when they share their talent in any instance. They have a gift and most don’t mind sharing. Have you spent some time with a musician lately – professional or personally? Try it, you’ll like it.
With all the ways that music is made available to us, there is no excuse to miss an opportunity to get some free therapy. Make an effort to consciously take a few minutes, put on some headphones; turn on the radio, CD, iPod, whatever, and take a deep breath. Get reacquainted with an old favorite or introduce yourself to something new. You’ll be amazed at the results. I’ve got the music in me, do you?…With love…

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Should Have Known…

Actions speak louder than words. This is a simple statement that is very true. You can talk, talk, explain, scream, whine, whisper, talk, yell, talk, shriek, and talk all you want, and about anything you want. If you don’t back up all that with what you actually do, you are wasting breath that you will need at the end of this life.
I am a talker, working on being a doer. I am a planner, self-prophesier that needs to be more grounded and in the moment. While it’s good that I have a vision, a path, a purpose, it’s becoming more apparent that it’s time to put up or shut up. Make the move while I have the chance. It’s time to do what I say I’m going to; time to release the fear and frustration.
I am aware that I need to pay more attention to the actions of myself and those in my life. I often depend that what is said in a conversation, discussion, argument, or fight, is what will happen or be resolved and is true. I wonder if my reaction or response is what causes the confusion or inaction? Is it something I said? Is it something I did? I have control of my word and deed; I have control of my reaction. Can I prompt or suggest an action with what I say? Of course I can, we all can and do.
Maybe I don’t listen closely enough? Perhaps I hear what I want to? Sometimes, to be certain, but most of the time I am listening and hearing. It might be that my brain hears what’s actually said, but my heart has a different interpretation or doesn’t listen at all. I think there are times that it hurts to hear the truth, however, honesty should be the best policy.
Mixed signals are something that I need to be aware of, both on the giving and receiving end. My interest or lack thereof, needs to be clear. I need to put my toe into the water to test before jumping in and getting soaked or nearly drowning. I’m writing in a metaphor, of course, but one that fits this subject appropriately. Have you ever felt that you are not listening or not being heard?
I should have known that I’ve been here before. I should have known that I don’t want it anymore. There are lessons in life that are worth repeating and there are those that shouldn’t be repeated. One thing is for certain, I will protect my heart, pride and strength with everything I’ve got. I will persevere and grow in this life, my life…Is it time for you to do the same?...With love…