Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Back... the saddle again. I took a break for a I'm ready to write again...I mean, publish my writing again...I have continued to write...always...a passion.

I will be posting regularly starting next week...I appreciate all who follow my blog...I also appreciate you wondering where I've been...I am working on a couple of projects...I will have lots to share soon.

In the meantime...I would just like to say that while I write about personal experiences, they aren't directed at or about any one person, place or thing. I am writing about my feelings, thoughts and encounters. When I write, I hope that those who read come away with a sense of positive encouragement.

That's why I achieve personal satisfaction and to encourage or inspire those around me. That's it. Simple. It's not necessary to read between the lines...I am pretty straightforward and I think that I have good communication skills. I would like everyone to keep looking for more...keep growing in your life...that's why we are here.

Thank you for life as an optimist...what a concept...with love.