Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mending Fences

I had dinner last night with a friend I hadn't spent time with in awhile. We had been really close when our boys were young, but as their relationship transformed, ours did too. During the time we have known each, some events occurred, things were said, feelings were hurt. I don't believe anything was done maliciously or intentionally, but it happened.

When I sat down to dinner, I felt like I had just put on a comfortable sweater or picked up a favorite book. I missed our conversations and time together very much. I felt like a fountain overflowing, I couldn't talk fast enough. I am certain that going forward, I will make more of an effort to spend time with her. It makes me feel good and we really understand each other. I am sorry for the time we lost.

Mending fences is a process that validates you and your personal feelings regarding relationships in your life. It helps you understand who and what is important. There are people and things that, in order to move forward, have to be let go, released. They may be toxic or detrimental to you and your future.

There are also people and things in your life that need to be embraced, appreciated, that have been lost or could be lost. It's time to examine what these are and act on it. During a conversation with my daughter, she said, "I hate the scorched earth." A perfect metaphor to heal and grow.

If it makes you feel good, do it. Call a friend, have dinner, a cocktail, a conversation. You might be surprised how happy you feel when you do. You might be missing something that you didn't realize was gone. You also will reaffirm or appreciate those in your life more...with love...

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