Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Form Over Substance...

Back a few postings ago; I talked about “420 Characters.” I decided to start blogging because I didn’t want any restrictions to my writing. I wanted to be able to have the words flow as I felt them, no matter how little or how much. I didn’t want to be “kitschy” or blog just to blog. I wanted to share information, start discussions, open my mind and the minds of subscribers/readers to the world of possibilities that are out there and attainable. I wanted to capture an audience of intelligent, caring people. So far, it’s working out great!
There have been a lot of changes that I have made in my life, some little, some large, that have made me the person that I am today. I have a voice and sometimes, people like to listen. I like to listen to, that’s why I encourage everyone to subscribe and to comment away…I’m interested in what you have to say.
I started out with the topics that I did to address the many questions I received during my Facebook “virtual” event. I was able to answer a lot of the questions I was asked. I was also able to share the things that I have learned, especially during the last year of my life.
In the future, there will be mini-novels. There will be short stories. There will be things that will make you laugh and some that might make you cry. There will be writings that I hope will stir emotion, start a thought process, make you happy, sad, mad, whatever. I will try not to be boring or trendy, just real. Writings that will make you feel…something…what a concept…with love.

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