Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Love Takes Over…

…you know you can’t deny. When I started blogging, a lot of things were happening in my personal life. At first, I thought that writing a blog would be easy. I loved writing; thoughts and ideas spilled out of my brain and onto the page.  I soon discovered that it wasn’t so easy after all. Work, family, friends, life in general was so busy – to the point of being overwhelming…There’s no time! I am going to make a conscious effort to find the time. I have discovered that people like to read what I have to say, and that makes it important for me to find that time. It also does a great deal for my psyche, another important element that I need.

It seems that everyone around me has been affected by hard times, economically, personally and socially. It’s really tough to “make” it in the world today.  I work hard to find the good in myself and others to get through each day, wading through a lot of crap at times. It’s necessary to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it feels like I’m plodding along, carrying great weight. Other days, it feels like I am skipping through, weightless and carefree…There really ARE days like that. I need to find more of them. Even when things seem like they can’t get any worse (or any better for that matter), love seems to take over and help you find a way.

There IS love all around us. The most obvious comes from our friends and families, but there is love in people and places that you might not regularly consider. For instance, you are traveling past someone’s home, and you notice their beautiful garden. There lives a person who has a love of gardening and they took the time to plant for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. Look around; notice the beauty of nature.

Think about when you are riding along, listening to the radio and your favorite song comes on. The artist’s love of music (lessons taken, hours of practice and dedication) inspired that musician to write the lyrics, play the notes, and compose the melody.  You know it, that song that brings a smile to your face and transports you to a time when life was good. It sparks a memory that brings you pleasure. Turn on the radio today. Listen to the music.

When you are eating a meal, whether at a restaurant, at the home of a friend, or even if you prepared it yourself, it’s the love of cooking (and eating,) that brings out the flavors and colors in the dish. Enjoy your lunch or dinner today. Take the time to really taste your food, and remind yourself of the nourishment it is bringing to your body. I could go on and on…but you get the idea, right?

When your heart feels heavy and the burden seems too much to bear, remind yourself of the love in your life. Let it take over your mind and spirit…Just for a little while, don’t deny yourself the pleasure. Look for it, you’ll find it…Relish in it…It’s there for all of us. Take care, my friends…Until next time…With love.

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  1. you hit every area...right on the spot...LIFE IS SO SHORT...and people are hitting hard times, and sometimes, everyone of us..may ask..why!..why is this happening to me?..and then we see a glimpse of happiness thru someone else's eyes...whether it be a very beautiful landscape..(yes, i have thought the same thing), or a lyric to a song, that sparks inspiration....for a time stands still...and a saddened soul...can find happiness...and their day filled with accomplishment...and LOVE....