Friday, September 23, 2011

A Moment...

...changes everything.  A flash, a fleeting, brief instant where you have a choice to make, and you go with your instinct. That moment seems quick and painless, most of the time. The repercussions of that small measure of time can be minor, or it can be huge. You can’t predict the outcome – good or bad.

It takes a moment to make someone smile or cry. A moment to decide – are you in or out? A moment is an opportunity to make the choice to forgive and forget. It’s a split second that can change the direction or the course of your day or your life.  There can be a thought process that has weighed heavily on your mind until you get to the moment. It can be something that comes up and you don’t have the luxury of time to think about it, you just do it. Impulsive or contemplated, those moments are important, and I need to be more conscious of them.

Sometimes, it seems like we have plenty of those fragments of life, of choice; at other times, they seem very fleeting and precious. We should try not to take them for granted. There are moments to enjoy, and there are some we regret. There are times where we wish we could have a “do over,” take a different direction. We can’t get them back, but there are generally more right around the corner.

Take a chance, take that moment, and run with it. Make the choice, and try to live without regrets. A moment changes everything…or nothing…with love.

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  1. I have experienced that although it may not seem what I want at the moment, the Universe does indeed watch out for me, and all things are as they should be. I wish for more time. xxx