Monday, October 3, 2011

All I Really Want...

…is some patience. I don’t have it often enough. I believe it is a learned virtue that comes from hard lessons. I sometimes wish those lessons would sink in, and I would graduate already. That doesn’t seem to be the case.  So the question becomes: Am I learning to be patient or patiently learning? I’m not sure, should I be?

All I really want…is deliverance. One definition of this word is: to be set free. That’s what I’ll go with, freedom. Everyone should enjoy their freedom; it doesn’t matter what your definition of freedom is. That belongs to you. I want to live my life as I choose, as long as I am not hurting others. I want to teach my children to be good people. I want to love and treat people the way that I want to be treated. I want to explore my talents and interests whenever I want to with enormous gusto. I am learning to be free; this is an interesting lesson, one that I don’t mind repeating over and over again.

All I really want…is some peace. I would like peace of mind, spirit, and heart for $1000.00, Mr. Trebek! If only it were that easy, but it’s not. To find inner peace is a journey to all of the personal places you would like to find it. Look for peace of mind – deep breathing, sort through the emotions, calm the self-doubt. You will find peace of spirit when you explore your intelligence, share your knowledge, and be the teacher once in a while instead of the student. You can achieve peace of heart.  I find that actions speak louder than words; act on your words honorably, freely, and often. It’s easy to say the right thing, but it is much more difficult to do the right thing.

All I really want…is some comfort. I already have some of that comfort. It comes from knowing that learning patience will give me personal freedom and inner peace. Working hard on who I am and what I want to be is comforting. What do you really want? It’s out there; take a look around. What you want isn’t really that hard to find when you work for it. We all deserve it. Here’s to you achieving whatever it is…with love…

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