Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes, What Seems Hokey, Really Works!

I'm coming up on 2 years since my heart "event." Time seems to be flying by. 2011 was a year of real ups and downs, both physically and mentally, for me personally. I have reviewed everything that has passed in my life during 2011. I am hanging on to what real lessons I've learned and filing the rest away.

I am working on letting go of the stress and pressure that seems to be a constant in my life. I don't like how I allow fear to influence some of my decision making. The string has gotten so thin, ready to snap. Work, family, friends, the environment, society, the economy, moving, thinking faster and faster - we all are. Somethings got to give, but what? Putting things in perspective, especially when you're in the moment, seems to be the hard part. What can you do?

I've read books, talked with friends,  been to counseling, gone to support group meetings, relaxation breathing, listen to music, tapes, DVDs, searched the internet, you name it. It seemed overwhelming and a little...hokey.

I was having a particularly, pressure-filled evening yesterday and starting thinking about really implementing a process to release some of the problems or stress in my life. I remembered a tape that I listened to, that was for relaxation, while I was driving to work about a year ago. Not exactly what the instructions said to do, but, hey, I was listening to it wasn't I?

So, a couple of really deep breaths, and use your imagination. I was walking down a path next to a really clean stream. The leaves on the trees were turning fall colors. It was sunny, but cool, like a great fall day. As I walked, leaves were falling and floating down the water, around a bend that never seemed to get closer as I walked. Those leaves were my worries, things that I can't change, floating down that crisp, clean, clear water, around the bend, out of sight. I have to say that after a few minutes, my mind felt sharp, crisp, clean, ready to take one step at a time. To let go of things that I can't control, that weigh me down. I slept like a baby and woke up feeling rested and positive.

Find something to relieve your worried mind. Work on making sure that your health and well-being are in the forefront of your life every day. Challenge yourself to remember the things we have to look forward to. That's the direction we are going in - forward. The next year will bring so many positive things to my life and yours. Look for the positive, find a way to eliminate the negative...with love...

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