Monday, January 9, 2012

Give Yourself A Break

The process of daily living is a challenge, both positively and negatively.  We go about our business with specific intent or on auto-pilot, depending on the day. I think that most of us have a mental agenda that we work to follow, that can be either long or short, depending on the day. The agenda can have lots of bullet points on it or none at all, just random little blips that pass through the brain to remind us of our “stuff.” Some days, the flow is free and easy; others are overwhelming and stressful.
What happens if you don’t complete everything on your mental agenda? I mean, what REALLY happens? In my world, what happens is that I tend to beat myself up, especially when I put too much on my personal plate. I get frustrated that I don’t get everything done; it has an effect on every sense of my being, mentally and physically. Will the world end? NO! Can problems be solved, appointments rescheduled, plans changed? Of course they can! Will feelings get hurt, people disappointed? Sure, but if our relationships are built on love, strength, trust, and understanding, these will be mended too. Stuff  happens, that’s the fact, it’s hard for some of us to accept, but in the end, we do. It time for me to stop the mental beatdown.
I’m working on giving myself a break; let myself off the proverbial hook. I’m trying to not put so much on my plate that I can’t get what I really want to accomplished. It’s time to take things one at a time and enjoy the life I am grateful to be living. The fact that I wake up in the morning is a step in the right direction; I need to be thankful and move on. Things will get done, all in good and appropriate time.
Give yourself a break. I think that you’ll find that your tasks will get done; your blips will be taken care of either by you or on their own. Try to live with a little less pressure and a little more peace of mind and heart. It’s what you really deserve…with love…

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