Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peace Of Mind

There are days my mind is like a swirling, whirling drain, spinning with so much thought and information that it is a little overwhelming. I think about what has happened, I'm thinking about what is going on right now and I am trying to plan or map out what's coming. I get exhausted and can't seem to see the forest for the trees. It's maddening.

When I write, I talk about finding peace of mind and heart. I talk about looking for the good in yourself and others. I encourage those around me who read or hear my words to think positively, work hard, but don't get hurt. It's time for me to follow my own advice.

I find writing cathartic, cleansing, a release. A way to express myself and to get some of the thoughts and information that I take in, out. When I don't write, it's when I'm in that "shut down" mode. It's hard to get out of that funk, so I am going to work a little harder not to get in it.

I am trying to write or journal every day, just a little, 5 or 10 minutes, to remember the good and the bad. It is a good habit for me to have. I express myself either publicly or privately to release some of the energy, to let go of some of the anger, to share the good. Look for the release for yourself. Express your feelings with words, music, whatever it is that will help you reflect on what has happened, but also allows you to enjoy today and move forward, onward and upward to the future.

It's time for peace of mind and heart. To rediscover the core of my being, to truly live in the moment. I have been reminded lately of how short life is. It's time to live in the present because it's a gift. Time to concentrate on me, not selfish, but self-preserving. It's important to remember that you are special and purposeful, your influence can have a profound impact on people and events, even when you aren't trying.

We are all deserving of good health, well being and peace of mind. Look for it, find it and hang on to it...with love...

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