Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making The Effort

There are days, albeit few and far between, that I do what I feel like. Sleep late, stay in my jams, watch TV or movies, eat whatever strikes my fancy, take naps, paint my nails, read, have some wine, no phone calls, don't leave the house, just spend the entire day chilling out. It's a day with no pressure, flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak. I make the effort to have these days every once in a while. They restart my engine, a "me" day to regroup. I have a busy life that I love and appreciate, but a chill day is just what the doctor ordered, Doctor Jude, that is!

I have a great job. I'm not just saying that I have a great job; I understand completely that I am lucky to have a job in this economy. I work in a field that I find interesting - publishing, and every day is a learning experience. I am a customer care manager with a team of employees that are hard-working and dedicated. The co-workers outside my department are intelligent, talented people who work well with each other. I make the effort to assist every customer in a positive, proactive manner and expect my team to do the same. In addition to earning my paycheck, I am in a primarily positive position that takes effort to maintain. It's worth it.

I have wonderful people in my life. We talk on the phone, chat on Facebook, send e-mails, get together for a meal or night out, whatever it takes to maintain our relationship. It takes effort to make that call, click the "like" button and comment, send the e-mails, make the plans. There are those that profess loneliness, boredom or stagnation. It's time to make the effort to snap out of it, reach out, make a plan, talk about it. Do something if you are indeed frustrated, bored or lonely; no one can do it for you. You'd probably be surprised at the results.

There are friends of mine that are dedicated to causes with a passion and determination that I admire. They work hard to assist those who don't have the power to do it for themselves. They make a tremendous effort to change wrongs to rights for what they believe in.

It's time to make more of an effort for what YOU want or believe in. I know that we are all working hard to direct our lives in a way that is good for us. I am also aware that we make effort to do things for ourselves and others all the time. Maybe it's time to step it up a bit, if you want to. You have the power to make the time, to strengthen the relationships, to continue to build a life that is good for you. You could be perfectly content with your life or situation as you are right now - that's a great accomplishment.

I am optimistic that my efforts will make me stronger, assist the growth and nurturing of my relationships, and increase my desire for peace of mind and heart. Making the effort - what a concept...with love...

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