Friday, January 13, 2012

A Willing Spirit

We are probably all familiar with the old saying that begins with, “The spirit is willing…” I wasn’t really interested in the second part of the saying because, let’s face it, we all have some weakness of the body. I was more interested in our willing spirit.

Some days we have more strength and determination then others. We wake up; hit the ground running, positive, busy, and relatively happy. On other days, we wake up tired, cranky, irritated, and slow moving. It doesn’t mean that our spirit isn’t willing. It’s always there and willing to do what we want to.
We make sacrifices for ourselves and our loved ones. We work toward goals and enjoy our accomplishments. It’s relatively simple; we have the right to choose what we do, when we want to. It’s important that you do whatever strikes your fancy, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone in the process.

I was watching an old episode of “Friends” the other day. I can watch an episode over and over again; those crazy kids at the coffee house are amusing to me. This one in particular was about a book the girls were reading about other people, “stealing their wind.” I interpreted this as wind = power of spirit.  In the end, they discovered that they were the mistresses of their own destiny; no one can take your wind.

Who has the power of you and your spirit? You do. You have the gift of a willing spirit and the direction you take is completely up to you. You might have to shift direction depending on life and living, but which way you go is your choice. It’s OK to put the focus on you and your life.

If you aren’t happy with your choices, if you aren’t willing to make the ones that are right for you, you are sacrificing a part of yourself that you cannot afford to lose. Use your spirit wisely, it’s part of your core and should be cherished and protected…with love…

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