Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding Your Message

Last night, after a busy day, I was half-listening to the television. In the midst of the usual blah, blah, blathering, I heard this statement: "If you don't write it, no one is ever going to read it." Something in my head snapped, like it was a personal message to me. That my new determination to reach my potential doing something that I love is a good thing. Writing is my passion; I believe it's meant to be shared.

I have stories to tell from my past that define and shape who I am. I have stuff that goes in my life right now that covers of a plethora of things - humor, irony, sadness, growth, you name it, it makes for a great story. I am planning and setting goals for the future; I am gathering information and ideas. I am staying flexible, yet focused and purposeful.

I am detail-oriented. I tell stories like I want you to be there. It's like if I miss the smallest little thing or detail, you might not "get" it. I'm learning to condense when I speak - there are several people in my life who will probably appreciate that very much.

We all have something inside us to share. A talent or quality that is meant to teach, inspire, or guide us and those in our lives. I had recently decided, with the help of some very smart influences in my life, that writing more often will be healing and help me grow as a person. Publicly or privately, I will be able to let go of the baggage and hang on to what is meaningful. Sharing thoughts and words, telling stories and listening to them, can have a profound or simple influence on what you do for you.

Your personal message is out there; maybe you have heard it before, but weren't really listening. Find your message, the reason or reasons that will improve how you feel about yourself and your life. It's out there, you might find it where you least expect it, but it's there if you look for it...with love...

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