Friday, October 5, 2012

Love Me Do…

Most of you are aware that I love music and that I believe that music is free therapy. I admire those who write the lyrics and notes to put together something to make us think. I indulge in music therapy in many different venues and for many different reasons. It makes my world go around.
Today is 50 years since the song “Love Me Do” by The Beatles was released. We all know the words and I’m pretty certain they are going through your head right this very minute. They are simple in message: love me and I’ll love you back. Be true to me and you can depend that I’ll be true to you. I like who you are and I hope you like me too. Simple words, yet perfectly stated.
Indulge in some music therapy today. Make a point to put on the radio or play some tunes by a band that you love. Reaffirm whatever it is you are working towards or looking for. Figure out what is hurting you or bringing you down; get through it. Listen just for the enjoyment of it, to get your heart beating, your toes tapping, and maybe do a little singing while you’re at it. Have some fun, you probably need it. With love…
PS…In other music news, Rush, my favorite band in the entire world will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – It’s about time. Mumford and Sons, another of my favorites, had their new album “Babel” take 1st place on the Billboard Chart for most albums sold in the first week in 2012, over Green Day and No Doubt. Good news in my music world!

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