Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Social Media

There are some wonderful tools that have been developed to encourage social media. Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, and Pintrest just to name a few. They allow you to see what friends near or far are doing, listening to, talking about or are interested in.

There are games to play, videos to watch and listen to, blogs to read, postings to like or comment on,  "tweets" to let us know what's on your mind - in the condensed moment, and pinned items to let us know what you are in to. I use most of these social media tools for different reasons. They are progressive and available to anyone who has a computer or internet access.

I think that these outlets are used in a healthy way. Most people have busy, active lives and use them for fun, to share stories or moments in their lives with friends or family, near and far. What concerns me is the number of people who seem to live their lives by these venues. They are meant to enhance your "live" social life, not replace it.

Take some time to step away from the keyboard/monitor, put down the smart phone after you have called a friend to spend some time. Use social media outlets to make plans in the real world. There are people and places to see. Things to do and interests to pursue. Voices to hear, facial expressions to observe, eyes to look into; all of these things that feed the need in our hearts and peace of mind...with love...

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