Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don’t Worry, Be Happy…

Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy? An imaginary mental switch that we could flip and say, “Be gone, worry, out of my brain! It’s time to let happiness in!” Would it be great to have that switch? I’m not so sure. How would we learn? How would we grow?
I think we need to analyze, briefly, what it is we worry about. I think we can separate our concerns into two categories: things we can fix and things we can’t. Whether it’s related to us or our loved ones, physically, mentally or emotionally, would be subcategories. Can we change the world? Can we forget about our worries? Maybe it’s possible, a little at a time.
If you or someone you love is worried about something in particular, talk about it, briefly or at length, it doesn’t matter. Put it on the table; try to figure it out if you can. If you can’t maybe just saying it out loud will help you ease the mind.
You would be surprised what a calming voice, a concerned ear, a gentle hug, the reaching out of a strong hand can do to relieve something that’s bothering another. Or, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe it’s because you have had that voice, or ear or hug or a hand that makes you feel better, stronger, and happier? Maybe it’s time to return the favor? Share information that you have, open the door to a conversation that will enlighten you. It might just relieve the worry from the person you are talking with; help them see a little light at the end of the tunnel. Make them a little, dare I say it, happier?
I don’t think that we can ever let go of worry. It’s going to affect us and just about every aspect of our lives. How we handle it is the key. In every life we have some trouble, worrying about it is probably making it bigger than it seems or needs to be. There are many of us that walk around with a smile on our face, working hard to hide the fear and worry that feels very strong at times. Sometimes we are successful, other times, not so much.
I’m not saying that you have to share everything with everybody. Or that you should never be worried. There are some things that are taken care of by good old fashioned solitude and figuring it out in your own head. Pulling back, not away is just fine. But if you get a sense that someone needs you, just for a little while, because they are worried or scared, be not afraid, reach out…With love…

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