Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sail Away…

Wouldn’t it be nice, once in a while, if we could actually go where our imagination takes us? Maybe it would be somewhere that you have never been before. It could be someplace that you have been and would love to revisit. I truly believe that it’s possible to have our dreams and visions become a reality.
I recently had a tarot card reading. Now, I’m not normally a person who believes in this sort of stuff. I was introduced to the reader by a friend who described him as a visionary. He was a wonderful, smart, funny man and he was actually coming to give our mutual friend a card reading. Before he got started with her, he said, “When I’m done, I’d like to do a short reading for you. I have some things to tell you.”
One of the things that stood out is when he asked me if I meditated. I told him that it was a recent practice I had adopted to help me start and end my day. He asked me, “Where do you go when you meditate?” Where do I go? What? I told him that I generally have to really concentrate on my breathing, just to let go of my whirring brain. It takes a lot of work to get to that place where my mind is clear; focusing on the breathing seemed to help me get there. He said that he felt that when I was meditating, my mind and spirit was actually going to play, to relax and have fun. He said that I should concentrate on that and perhaps I would understand my thought process and life journey a little more.
So that evening I thought I would try to use my imagination. Maybe if I tried to open my brain and think about somewhere or something pleasurable, it would make my meditation easier, to help me relax. Meditation shouldn’t be such hard work! It’s supposed to ease your mind, not scare or frustrate you because it’s time to try to clear your head.
So now, I look forward to those 10 minutes before and after my busy day even more. I close my eyes, begin my breathing and let my imagination be free. My favorite place to go is a beach, where the sky and the water are almost the same bright blue. The sun is shining; the sand is white and warm. I am alone and I am at peace. I feel strong and safe, happy. I have my own heart in my own hands, protected and ready for whatever comes my way. When I’m finished, it’s amazing to me how hopeful I feel about the day ahead or how restful I sleep.
There isn’t always an explanation for the way some people are or the things that they do. All I can do is explain the way that I feel inside and how I get there. Take some time for you at the beginning or the end of your day, or both. Sail away on your ship of dreams, your imagination, find the place that makes you happy and at peace. I will be on that beach of my dreams for real again someday, basking in the warmth and happiness that I deserve. You can too. Dreams to reality, what a concept…With love…

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