Thursday, July 26, 2012

Even Flow…

I had an experience recently that I would like to share. It was interesting in that it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me and my life journey. As I have mentioned, validation means quite a bit to me. I’m learning to appreciate that from within, but hearing it from someone on the outside helps me believe that I am on the right path.
At my monthly WomenHeart meeting we had a guest speaker, Dr. Bruno Cortis. He has written a book called “Heart and Soul.” His presentation was very informative in that he firmly believes that it is necessary to heal the spiritual heart and mind before any physical healing can begin. When he started speaking, I got very emotional. I felt like he was reaching right into my brain. He seemed to take everything that I have attempted to shift in my life and lifestyle, put it out on the table with a huge stamp of approval.
He spoke about how it is necessary to try to let your heart be free, so that it can communicate most effectively with your brain/mind. In order to free your heart and find peace, there is some work required. A few minutes each day of meditation - closing your eyes, take some deep breaths, concentrating on your breathing. Release any thoughts that might try to invade on this time, continue to bring your thinking back to your breathing. If you spend about 10 minutes each day, first thing, before you get too busy and daily life begins, to take this time to regroup and refocus, the whole outlook of your day could be changed.
At the beginning of his talk, he had the lights turned down and he asked us all to take a few minutes to meditate with him. You could feel instant tenseness in the room from some of the attendees; they were obviously uncomfortable with the thought of this exercise, but what choice did they have? I suppose they could have gotten up and left, but they didn’t. They were good sports about it. We all closed our eyes and listened to Dr. Cortis and his voice. He gave instructions calmly and quietly; everyone was participating.
It only took a few moments, but I could feel the whole atmosphere in the room shift to a much more calm level. The whole group seemed to take a big sigh of relief and comfort that was needed by everyone. We did this for the first 10 minutes of the meeting. When we turned the lights on, a bit dimmer this time, and Dr. Cortis started to speak about really living, you got the sense that everyone was paying closer attention.
He shared the importance of a more even flow of communication and self-appreciation was needed to help all of us heal – physically and mentally. He encouraged us to do what we love, every day – read, write, play music, whatever made us feel happy, even if it’s just for a few minutes. We should relish in our strengths and accept our weaknesses. If we let go of fear or uneasiness and let some love in, our strength and health will grow and our weaknesses might have less of an effect on our life.
It was a form of validation for me on personal levels that raised my awareness and appreciation for the work I am doing to live a life I like. I’m working towards and achieving, life that has less anger and frustration that has more happiness and peace, a life that is fun and appreciated every single day.
Try to make the flow of communication between your heart and your head a little more even. It’s vitally important for you to make the connection and prosper. I have mentioned before, simple changes can mean so much to you and your wellbeing. Try it sometime…With love…

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