Thursday, July 19, 2012

PS. I Love You…

I love you. Those three words that we long to, like to, love to, want to, hear directed to us.
I had a conversation with a friend recently about the phrase – I love you. On both sides of the discussion there was a bit of a quest for definition or meaning when the words are spoken. Why was it said, in what context, who said it, what did they mean by it? Why the suspicion? Why the question? Why not just feel it? Shouldn’t it be nice to have someone say “I love you,” no matter what the context? Well, of course it should! I had forgotten that.
Is it a phrase that is overused? I don’t really think so. If it’s sincere and comes unsolicited, it should make your heart beat a little faster, endorphins release, your spirit soar. I don’t know when or why I became so cynical or almost suspicious when those words were spoken to me. Perhaps it’s because at times in my life it was said to pacify me rather than to share the feeling. I’m not sure; all I know is that I want to find the joy in that phrase. I am rediscovering what it is supposed to feel like when someone tells you that they love you, no matter what the circumstance.
I want to have the majority of what I say or do be with a caring or loving purpose. I had the tendency to be a little harsh until I discovered how short life really is. I am working to be taken both seriously and sincerely. It’s important to me to open my heart and mind to love and to give it back. It’s not only romantic; it’s cathartic, friendly, and positive, like a special tool to help heal whatever ails us.
Say the words with meaning and truth. Listen when someone says it to you. Let it in your heart and in your head. It will promote the release of negative energy and have good things come back to you. Enjoy it, you deserve it, remember that. Don’t overthink or question, just feel…you will be amazed at what it can do for you…With love…

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