Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I’ve Seen Better Days…

These past few months have been days of experience and growth. If you are working hard, taking care of yourself – body, mind and spirit, making plans or just going with the flow, I am hoping there have been better days for you. Here’s what I’ve seen…
My daughter got married. It was both an honor and a privilege to be part of some of the best days of her life, which in turn were some of the best days of mine. It was an intimate occasion and the love of my daughter, her new husband and our melded families was true and real. The days and evenings that were spent relishing in family and fun were full of that love; it was in the air and in our hearts. I am grateful she has found the love she has desired and deserves. My new son-in-law got a pretty good deal too!
I travelled out of the country for the first time. The afore-mentioned wedding was in Playa Del Carmen. I have never seen sky or water so blue; sand so white and fine. I can’t wait to go back again. It was a magical experience those days on a vacation. It helped clear my mind and open my heart. I really can see a bit clearly now, the direction I want to head in. I will get there, patience and perseverance as my guides.
I turned 50. We had an evening of local celebration that happened to fall on my 50th birthday. The friends and family that attended made this event special for me and my daughter. I realized again that evening that I am extremely lucky and grateful for every single person that is in my life. This particular day was a milestone, one that will be remembered for the rest of my days.
There have been some bad days too, we all have them. But when they are interspersed with days that make me smile when I think about them, that’s what gets me through. It's what I try to focus on.
I can't do anything about the days that don't end well or that are stressful. It's very hard for me and my personality type to accept that. It seems a bit easier to remember that I should concentrate on the good ones, get past the bad and move on. I used to ruminate about a bad day or things that are crappy at times. I really don't want to let that take me over any more. It's hard work NOT to, but very worth it.
Have YOU seen better days? Share your days with me…if you want to. Are there ways to get to them that feels right and easy? Life is way too short, we run out of time and we don’t even know it. Isn’t it a great idea to take good care of YOU and enjoy your days? Try it sometime. With love...

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